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Toilet bowl choked? When toilet bowl is choked, you cannot flush the waste and water away. Sometimes it may overflow and dirty the whole toilet. Clearing a choked toilet bowl can be disgusting, irritating and exhausting. If you are inexperienced in clearing a choked toilet bowl, it just make you feel worst. Choked toilets might be rare, but can also occur regularly if you often flush an excessively large amount of toilet paper down along with your waste matter.

Toilet Bowl Choked? How to Unclog It?
To avoid having to spend too much time trying to fix your choked toilet bowl, follow a set of simple tips to help you get rid of the choking quickly and easily.Plunger to unclog toilet bowl choked
1.Get yourself a plunger for choked toilet bowl.
If you don’t already have a plunger at home, you should be able to purchase one from a retail store. It would be wise to invest in a good plunger just in case your toilet chokes up again in the future. Don’t worry if the rubber is stiff, you can soak it in hot water for a while to soften it for use later.

2.Stop the toilet bowl from filling up.
You can do this simply by closing the toilet flapper valve in the water reservoir. This will prevent more water from filling your toilet and flooding the bathroom.

3.Unclogging the toilet bowl.
Ready your plunger and place it in a position so that the plunger seals the toilet’s exit hole. Make sure that the seal is tight and positioned well. Push and pull the plunger in steady up and down motions to unclog the exit hole.

4.Flush the toilet bowl. Make sure toilet bowl choked issue is resolved.
It is time to check if your efforts have paid off. Flush the toilet, and if the water goes down without coming up, you have succeeded in unclogging the toilet. Otherwise, repeat steps 2 to 4 until the toilet bowl is unclogged.
It is advisable to pour hot water into the toilet bowl as this helps to break up the clogged material and helps to unclog the toilet bowl.
If the above method does not work, you may need to engage a plumber who can use a manual or electrical drain snake to unclog the choked toilet bowl.

Engage Professional Plumber to Clear the Choked Toilet Bowl
While it is possible to conduct your own unclogging procedure without any professional assistance, it can be a messy and time consuming process. It may not cause you much to contact a professional plumber to solve the issue. At HW-Singapore Plumbing, we have professional plumbers who are well-trained in unclogging toilet bowl. They have extensive experience and you can rest assured that your toilet bowl choked issue will be attended and overcome efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, we believe in providing customers with reliable plumbing services at reasonable prices.