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Pit and Pipe construction is the installation of conduits and pipes through a series of pits and are required in order to connect telecommunications to your home, building or estate. Access Boring provide a comprehensive Pit and Pipe installation service including trenching and labour to carry out your task/project requirements.

Pit and Pipe work is often also conducted on existing infrastructure to maintain its integrity or repair any damages that may occur.

Installation of conduits:

  • Communications
  • Electrical
  • Sewer
  • Water


First, before the pipe installation preparation
1. the installation equipment: roller slot machines, tapping machine, cutting machine, bracket.

2. material preparation: the pipeline to be safe, torque wrench, vernier caliper, a level, neutral lubricant (such as washing clean).

3. check the mechanical equipment to ensure integrity. Roller slot machines should be placed in a spacious flat place to avoid machine vibration and impact upon the quality of the pressure tank rolling groove, according to the size of the pipe regulate bracket, ensure that the machine and the pipe to ensure that level.

Second, the steel roll grooving
1. with a pipe cutter pipe will be cut to the desired length. Incision should be vertical with the center of the tube, cut flat, remove burrs.

2. will need to roll grooving pipe and pipe support rollers placed at the end of the shelf, in the middle of the bracket slightly outward position under the steel roller slot machines is appropriate. Horizontal measurement, adjust the level of steel pipe, steel pipe and to ensure that the axis of the roll axis parallel to the slot machine. Steel roller slot machines close to the end face of the stop surface.

3. Press the handle on the pressure roller slot machines wheel pressure, suppress the light pipe (hold the handle) to start the roll groove machine motor, then slowly pressurized pump will use the appropriate size (see specification sheet pressure roller) roll down pressure pipe outer wall, evenly rolled steel pipe until it reaches the preset rolling groove depth (see table slot size) so far.

4. measuring groove width, depth and roundness of compliance with standards.

5. turn the pressure relief screw, hydraulic pump pressure relief, the upper roll rises to leave the pipe trench, remove the pipe. Check whether the pipe end sealing surface is damaged. If there is no damage to the rolling groove qualified.

Third, the clamp mounting
1. Before installing the pipe ends to check response. Deburring and may affect the enclosed area, ensure reliable sealing performance.

2. the seal lip, side and back evenly coated with a lubricant to make it easy to install and free of scratches.

3. the first ring flip, put a steel pipe sealing position, and the other aligned steel pipe, put the seal upside down. The seal ring is located in the middle of two interfaces, the two ends of the gap should meet the standards.

4. check the pipe axis, so that the center line of two coincide. On the outer ring interface is installed, under the clamp, and clamps the edge of the card into the pipe trench. Using both hands, pressing up and down clamp ear with a hammer (rubber hammer) tapping clamp flange, clamp the upper and lower close. Inserted into the bolt holes in the clamp at the uniform rotation with a torque wrench to tighten the bolts, seals prevent wrinkling.

5. check whether the full circle clamp flange snaps into the groove.

Fourth, the mechanical three, four installation
1. the installation of mechanical tees, crosses, should be openings in the pipe branch pipe connector locations. Opening a dedicated pipe tapping machine and with a hollow center drill bit.

2. the V-shaped openings cavalry unit attached to the base of the pipe, adjust the length of the chain, with the pin alignment, then the other end of the chain fastening nut, so that the machine is firmly positioned on the pipe. With the hole corresponding to the size (see table hole size) has a positioning function dedicated core drill for drilling. Pulled (depressed) when drilling lever with the hole saw slowly down near the viewing tube opening position is correct. And add the appropriate lubrication, coolant.

3. with a vernier caliper inspection hole size, and deburring, oil to the surface clean and smooth.

4. the seal lip and back coated with a lubricant, into mechanical tee (four) of the seal groove. Check the sealing ring gap must be uniform with holes, mounted on the pipe holes up and down, with a torque wrench evenly tighten the screws on both sides.

Fifth, after pipeline installation Pressure Test
The entire pipeline is installed, the system pressure test should be carried out. Before the pressure test should fully test the various parts are installed securely and reliably. Confirm after passing the pressure test. When the pipeline is full of medium pressure test, not turn clamps, nuts and other accessories. Pressure test pressure, duration, eligibility etc accordance with the relevant standards implemented.

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