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If you have a leaky or constantly dripping tap, this can cause damage to your property if left unrepaired.

The washers inside your taps can degrade over time, which allows water to seep through the tap, meaning it drips continuously even when the tap is fully closed. No matter how hard you try to turn/tighten the tap.

Our plumbers can repair or replace a variety of taps including Pillar taps (rising and non-rising) and Ceramic disc taps. We know about the mechanisms within these taps and our engineers will be able to repair them.

They will diagnose what is causing the problem and then carry out tap repair work to solve the issue and stop it reoccurring in the future. Our engineers will visit your property with vital parts on their vans to ensure that in most instances, they are able to immediately stop the leak and drip.

If repairing the tap is not going to be economical, we can advise on tap replacement and arrange to carry out the work, using like-for-like parts.

We work around your schedule, so if you have leaking, broken or damaged taps, give Metro Plumb a call and we will arrange for a plumber to visit at a time which is convenient for you.

Tap repair service is usually requested by customers when tap is leaking or when its handle is spoiled. It is one of the most common plumbing problems. Ignoring a leaked tap is not a long term solution as it results in significant water wastage over a period of time. Moreover, leaking tap is usually a simple repair which you should not ignore as it may deteriorate to a situation where you have to replace the tap which should cost more.

Replace a Different Tap
Some owner may wish to replace their old taps which require the turning of knobs to new taps which they just need to lift the lever or handle. Replacing taps can be easily performed by experienced plumbers but may be a difficult task for non-plumbers. The difficult part is to ensure that the taps are fixed well without leakages.

If you need to fix the cold and hot water supply to the taps, the installation becomes more difficult. Some home owners buy a tap with totally different design and realize that it is not suitable for their basin. For instance, if you have a bowl like basin, you can use a tall tap. But if you have a shallow and flat basin, installing a tall tap not only looks weird, the water flowing from such height may splash out of the basin easily. Consulting a plumber before buying a tap with totally different design is advisable.

Therefore, it is crucial to fix a leaking tap as early as possible.

At HW Singapore Plumbing we aim to provide a fast and reliable plumbing service

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