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Plumbing does not only involve the supply of water to your residential or commercial building, but also the discharge of waste too. Some of the common plumbing issues include:

1. Toilet Bowl Choking
2. Leakage in Toilet Bowl,
3. Non-working of the Flushing System
4. Replacement of Toilet Bowl
5. Converting Squatting Toilet Bowl to Sitting
6. Leaking Flush
7. Leaking Pipe To Toilet Bowl
8 .Repair and Replacement of Flushing Component

Let us have a look at the Toilet Bowl Replacement in detail:

Why Replace a Toilet Bowl?
A Toilet Bowl might need replacement because of a number of reasons. However, the most common of them is because of the aspiration to improve the look of the space with a remodeling project.

Generally, these bowls come in white color but now, the owner might need to install a colored toilet bowl in their bathroom so as to match the new look of the space.

In some cases, the toilet bowl may look outdated and a replacement is required with a new model to give the bathroom a new and modern look.

Another common reason for a toilet bowl replacement is due to the damage of the current toilet bowl, i.e. if it has become chipped or cracked.

However, replacing a toilet bowl is not a task frequently required by most of the property owners. They will only need it infrequently over the years.

Points To Consider Before Going for Toilet Bowl Replacement
When deciding to go for a toilet bowl replacement, there are certain things you need to consider. The most important thing to consider is the dimension of the water closet. The dimension of the water closet is crucial as it involves the fitting to your toilet bowl as well as to the drainage pipe.

Another important point to consider is whether to go for a 1-piece toilet bowl or a 2-piece toilet bowl. It is to be noted that that a 1-piece toilet comes in more style and provides more cleanliness. This is because the cistern and the bowl don’t have any gap in between, which makes cleaning easy. The 1-piece toilet bowl looks sleeker also than the two piece toilet bowl.

Other important things to consider include the water saving features of the Toilet Bowl, like single or dual flush system, etc.

The Process of Replacing a Toilet Bowl
Some people wonder if they really need a plumber for toilet bowl replacement. Though the process might appear simple, but please note that it is way complicated than it seems and thus, professional plumbing services are recommended.

The process involves completely draining the existing toilet and the, disassembling and removing it. You will also need to replace the seals and then, install the new toilet. Proper care needs to be taken while replacing the seals. You need to ensure that the seal is watertight so as to prevent any leaks. Remember, even the smallest of the leaks can lead to significant damage and can cause development of mold growth to develop.

In some cases, Toilet Bowl Replacement is an Emergency Situation. If the present toilet bowl has become damaged and is no longer functional, you need not schedule immediate replacement service. Irrespective of the urgency of the situation, property owners should first pick the right toilet bowl for their space. They should do it with proper care and consider all the key factors, including the size, shape and color of the bowl.

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