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Is any of your sanitary ware damaged? Does it need repairing?

We carry out all repairs situ with minimal disruption to you. We carry out all the necessary work from start to finish, eliminating the need for you to call in plumbers, tilers or other tradesmen.
Chances are after reaching this part of our site you have some sort of damage to your sanitary ware. If you are still considering replacing a damaged item then please read on as we may be able to help you.
Hw-Singapore Plumbing have been carrying our extensive repair options for many customers over the years; we have gained a highly sophisticated repair technique method which means we can carry out isolated repairs to any damaged item; be it cast iron, pressed steel, acrylic, Carronite, pottery or fire clay. We can colour match to ANY colour and more often than not would not need to resurface the entire item because of a small chip or crack. Our repair techniques can be carried out in less than one day and used the same day. The benefits really do outweigh the costly situation of replacement as we do not need to remove any fixtures or fittings to restore the damage whilst keeping inconvenience and expense to a minimum.
We will repair a small manufacturing blemish to a large hole as you will see in our gallery pages; All our technicians are trained in house so all our team works to the exact high standard and professionalism.

Toilet Installation and Repair
At HW Plumbing, we offer toilet repair and installation services to help you with any project, from fixing a leaky toilet to helping with a whole bathroom remodel. We also can help you with the information you need to help you choose the new toilet for your application. Don’t put off toilet repairs until there is an emergency because nothing ruins a weekend or a holiday like a broken toilet. Call our plumbers for fast, efficient service. We even offer high efficiency, low flow toilets to help conserve the water wasted by older models. Give us a call to assess your needs, and get an estimate on repairing or replacing your toilet.

Sink Installation and Repair
We have the experience to assure your sink is installed with attention to detail. We can make recommendations as to the best manufacturers with our industry knowledge, and we’ll complete the process from start to finish, removing the old sink and installing the new one, including faucets and garbage disposals. Because the sink you choose for your application is personal, it is important to get not only one in a style that suits you but also a sink model that is going to fit and work in the space within you are working. Many codes are in place for sink installations that we can asses with you.

Under counter leaks are also a common problem with sinks. Call us today to set up a time to look at your leak and determine what it takes to repair it. Sometimes it’s as simple as new washers, or valve replacement.

Faucet Installation and Repair
When you attempt to repair your faucet, you could find a difficult project on your hands because there is more than one type of faucet, and some are quite complex. At HW Plumbing, we can help you with all types of faucets, making repairs or installations quick and easy. We are experts with faucet application and options. With lots of different parts and brands faucet repair can be difficult without industry knowledge.

Changing faucets and other fixtures can be a minor project that will refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Our local plumbing technicians are here to help, trained to be detail oriented and qualified to make the repair or installation right the first time! We can install a customer supplied faucet or help you in picking out a fixture that will work well within the space needed.

Garbage Disposals
While there are some do-it-yourself style repairs for garbage disposals, some jobs really require expert assistance. With the abuse we typically heap upon this device to avoid leftovers in the trash, there are a number of other problems that may exist as well.

If your garbage disposal is beyond repair, we will be happy helping you find and replace the model with a new garbage disposal. We can accomplish the job without making a mess and ensure the garbage disposal is functioning properly for years to come. Call us today to get an estimate on garbage disposal services!

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